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Trader Bar
Basement, 71 Collinst Street, Melbourne 3000
9663 4678

Trader Bar Trader Bar Trader Bar

The Trader Bar brings new excitement to Melbourne’s bar scene, by offering a whole new way to buy drinks. As The Trader Bar drink market opens each evening, patrons are greeted with drink prices which fluctuate every 5-9 minutes.

From 4pm Tuesday to Friday and 8pm Saturdays, prices for most drinks fluctuate according to public demand. So come and play the market, and take advantage of the random price crashes.

The Trader Bar is also open for lunches Tuesday to Friday from 12pm, so drop in and check out our New York Deli and Tex/Mex inspired menu.

The Market

On the share market, the higher the demand for a particular stock, the higher the cost. At The Trader Bar, the stocks in question are competing beers, spirits and cocktails.

As more patrons buy a particular drink, that price goes up as other less popular choices drop in cost. Patrons are now faced with the decision of drinking an old favourite that may be at a high price or trying something new for a lower cost.

There are of course some "Blue Chip" products that are not subject to market forces, however all of our basic spirits, almost all beers lots of cocktails and several different wines by the glass fluctuate with the market each eveneing.

The exception to this is Black Tuesdays, when drinks remain on "crash prices all night, in memory of '29 and '87.

Let The Trader Bar be the location of your next social gathering, corporate function or special event. With facilities to host a small group in a reserved area, to a complete venue hire for up to 180 people, our capable bar and catering staff can service all your event needs.

We can help you with themes for functions, including our very popular poker games to liven up events.

Trader Bucks

Among our range of function options, our unique Trader Bucks, allow your guests to take advantage of the market fluctuations, and be responsible for their own budget for the night. If running a bar tab for an event, rather than limit guests to a certain range of drinks, Trader Bucks allow you to set a budget per person and let them play the market and determine how they spend it

We customise the Trader Bucks including photos and logos to make your guests remember your event.

Trader Bucks are a great way to manage your event budget, while allowing your guests full service of our comprehensive bar.


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