160 Greville Street, Prahran 3181
(03) 95295670

Sousoul Sousoul Sousoul

Sousoul is loosely translated to mean “Deep Soul”; and like a phoenix rising out of its ashes, the new hospitality soul on Greville Street is looking to herald in a renewed wholesome drinking culture in Melbourne and brings a new cocktail oasis for the bar connoisseurs.

The venue itself has an intimate interior complete with dark wooden furniture, cosy banquettes, long dry bars beneath bi-fold windows and comes complete with an open fireplace. Being a corner site the venue’s bi-fold windows open up the space on two sides with substantial outdoor corner seating area to accommodate al fresco imbibers.

Boasting Melbourne’s finest in bar culture, the SouSoul management team have many years of combined experience in operating premium venues and have been involved with many of Melbourne’s award-winning favourites such as Golden Monkey, Berlin, The Botanical and Spice Market. Sousoul has one mission in mind - to create a perfect environment and afford a supreme experience for an un-pretentious and open-minded crowd who appreciates and demands quality and creativity in their drinking and dining experience. It is a haven where you can chill, eat and sip to your heart's content and a place where you can be entertained and enlightened at the same time...

Sousoul provides a selection of ‘share-plate’ style culinary offerings, along with a collection of innovative and gastronomy-influenced beverages; inviting Melbourne’s late-night revellers to return to a responsible enjoyment of quality cocktails, expertly matched food and wine, and great company within an enchantingly cosy ambience. In an endeavour to add a distinctive zing to our galaxy of beverages, our maestros have created a cocktail list that aims to accommodate the uniqueness of each individual drinker by categorising drinks according to their flavour profile, guiding the imbiber towards their palate’s preferences. In doing so, we have concocted up some curiously obscure but tastefully satisfying drinks as well as retaining many old cocktail favourites on the list. To cater to small groups, we have also created a selection of punches and sangarees put together with fresh fruits, herbs and house-made syrups and liqueurs. “The drinks offering at Sousoul is enough to make a teetotaling Methodist priest feel parched” McGoram, Simon. Bartender Magazine, May 2010.

To complement the mood of the venue and to create the vibe that we’re all about Sousoul plays a versatile range of sexy, laid back and eclectic tunes during the week. On the weekends it’s a little more soulful and jazzed up with live entertainment.

Firmly believing in building a true cocktail oasis for the locals and connoisseurs from afar, Sousoul is unlike any other boutique bars and aims to raise the bar in the bustling Melbourne scene.


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