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Clubsguide is Australia's premier online nightlife information source.

With an enourmous monthly following and traffic growing exponentially now is the time to give your company the exposure it needs to one of the hardest to reach demographics.

Clubsguide offers delivery success rates to your target market unseen in other forms of advertising. Packages can be tailoured to all budgets and enquiries welcome from all industries.

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Melbourne is known as the party capitol of Australia and is recognised world wide for its partying nature.

Because of that the nightlife community in Melbourne is extremely large. has tapped into that market and now has access to one of the most sought after advertising demographics.

Our users are mostly students or young professionals, aged between 18-28 who are technology savvy and have a source of disposable income.

They are trendy, modern and sociable, with a sense for fashion and style.

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Here at we can offer clients a broad variety of internet marketing solutions to appeal to a large audience. Our marketing is very direct and effective.


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We have already accumulated a database of over 15,000 email addresses and 2,000 mobile numbers of individuals within our target market, who range from young professionals and students between 18 and 28. Therefore advertising via Clubsguide mailouts is one of the most cost effective and immediate ways to impact a large number of users in a very select and sought after target segment.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Clubsguide offers a wide range of advertising avenues for companies wishing to take advantage of the opportunity to access an extremely sought after and valuable market.

With packages ranging from as little as banner placement or database advertising, all the way to complete branding, logo placements and premium sponsorship packages, Clubsguide are able to cater for any budget and/or special needs.

Feel free to contact our helpful sales team for a quick and informative solution to all your marketing needs.

Venue Owners:

With hundreds of thousands of visitors in less than 12 months, has become the premium online advertising service for venues. Clubsguide has become a major advertising avenue for some of Melbournes premiere venues, and many managers come to us for marketing guidance.

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With having access to Melbourne's premiere clubs and access to the most sought after crowd, its no wonder why Melbourne's top promoters user Clubsguide as one of their integral promotion avenues.

Clubsguide offer free services and premium paid services for promoters to boost the profile of their nights and events and help put their name on the map. Free services include:
- free night/event listing in whatson and upcoming events sections
- online nightlife forums for event/night listings

For an insight into how we can help promote your night/event to hundreds of thousands of young individuals feel free to contact our sales team below.

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